Information Services

You go to great strides to produce a first-class event. So why not provide your show's attendees with value-added services that make your trade show event stand out?

Advanced Tradeshow Technology has taken measures to provide a complimentary suite of services. They can be customized to meet your show's requirements, and are flexible enough to be integrated with show management websites.

Our web-based products operate using servers both on-site and in ATT's Internet data center. We provide full redundancy and load balancing technologies. These systems are web-based, they can be set up and accessed from any facility with an Internet connection.

Our services include:

Internet Cafes • CE Verification • Lead Retrieval • Direct Marketing

CE Verification Pavilions

Tracking vital information such as continuing education credits is something we take seriously. Education verification and certificates can be generated on-site at our Certificate Pavilions or on-line after the event through a secure password protected portal. You decide! We have a solution for your needs.

Lead Retrieval

Recording information about a prospective customer is one of the most important functions of a trade show or convention. Unfortunately, it is often one of the most neglected functions.

To efficiently gather attendee information, exhibitors need a choice of systems that are quick, reliable, complete and budget friendly.

Advanced Tradeshow Technology's 2D bar code printed on badges or as a separate ticket goes beyond the limited storage capability of magnetic cards, the exchanging of business cards and scribbled notes. As a value added service for exhibitors we offer complete lead retrieval system rentals and services, including:

The capture of basic attendee information, such as Name, Title, Company, Address, Telephone, Fax email, Website. • Recording of detailed qualifying information, including Decision Maker Status, Rep Call Requests, and more. • Customized qualifiers available. • Hard copies of leads provided. • All leads are stored and provided on USB flash drive in ASCII comma delimited file format immediately as well as at the conclusion of the event. • Orders accepted by fax, mail, on-line. • Knowledgeable, available customer and IT support.

Event & Direct Marketing Solutions

Advanced Tradeshow Technology uses every resource available to provide a flexible, complete and seamless suite of services to help you promote your event. Registration technology captures registrant's email addresses, categories, and interests, allowing for direct, targeted-email and mail marketing campaigns. Whether marketing courses, special events or membership benefits, targeted campaigns can promote your event and increase your ROI.

Print / Mail Marketing

Create the greatest impact for your event with Pre-show and Post-show advertising materials that will increase traffic, target key prospects, generate sales leads, and fill conference rooms.

Design, print, and mail your advertising materials - brochures, folders, sell sheets, newsletters, postcards, flyers, etc. of any quantity at the highest quality. Take advantage of our capabilities of using your data to target and personalize your advertising materials with tailored messages, offers, images, or designs. Other services offered - mailing list acquisition and cleansing, digital and offset printing, and complete mailing services.

With over 25 years experience in helping companies produce and distribute their printed advertising materials for trade shows, we understand the importance of critical timing and the real deadlines of the trade show industry.

Email Marketing

Email marketing campaigns can be a useful tool to drive attendees to your website, promote your event as well as communicate information. Your data, our service, one point of contact!